We, as the Designer Interviews ("DI") had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to interview award-winning, most creative and innovative SPARKLY IDENTITY DESIGN ("SID").


SPARKLY IDENTITY serving Clients as Collaborators. The effort of creating and renewing brands gives products unique qualities to thrive in the market. It takes a group effort to create a brand. SPARKLY IDENTITY searches for the charm of brands through back and forth discussion with clients to build a bridge between brands and customers. Let your brand spark in the market!


We are pleased to share with you original and innovative design work by SPARKLY IDENTITY DESIGN.

Love and Blind Brand Identity

SPARKLY IDENTITY DESIGN Design - Love and Blind Brand Identity

Designer Interview of SPARKLY IDENTITY DESIGN:

DI: Can you tell us more about your company / design studio?

SID : We are the design firm for brand image. We come from Taipei, Taiwan. It has been ten years since our company was founded. Our team members come from many places all over Taiwan, and they all have their own respective expertise. Our forte is communicating with our customers through a simple, interesting and efficient design, so we confidently provide solutions to our customers.

DI: What is "design" for you?

SID : Generally, I think our designs activate the market economy, even producing job opportunities. For me, design is more than a job. Based on this idea, I believe what I create makes me who I am including my education, my profile, my thoughts, my styles and my personality. Design shows how I translate the world.

DI: Where does the design inspiration for your works come from? How do you feed your creativity? What are your sources of inspirations?

SID : Of course, like most artists, my creative inspiration also comes from my life experience. I used to do a lot of part-time jobs, say, newspaper delivery boy, waiter, operator, sanitary worker, farmer, porter and so on. All of these work experiences became nutrients for me, making me more flexible when I think about a design. Also, these made me have more empathy toward the consumers, I will consider things like, if I were a customer who wants to use the design, what exactly would I prefer? I extend this thought to all my creations, whether it is a commercial design or package design. This sort of thought pattern truly helps me understand what my customers really want and it is very effective. So, the sources of my inspiration allow me to meet the demands of my customers. This becomes a positive cycle, bestowing on me the ideas as well as energy needed to bring the designs in my head to reality.